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Emergent Strategy Immersion: Durham, NC



Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute

The Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute (ESII) is a hub to experiment, think, facilitate, learn and share emergent strategy. ESII exists to help groups, organizations and movements bring/increase the principles of emergent strategy into their work through facilitation and training. We are a collective of facilitators, mediators, coaches and trainers interested in this specific approach.

Emergent strategy is a humble philosophy and a way to acknowledge the real power of change. It speaks to practices, responses, visions and plans that embrace complexity interdependence and transformation. This strategy has been observed from the natural world and is both ancient and constant.

The principles of emergent strategy include:

  • adaptation

  • collaborative ideation through interdependence and decentralization

  • creating more possibilities

  • nonlinear and iterative change

  • fractal thinking

  • transformative justice as resilience

Modern day humans have socialized away emergent strategy, forming assumptions that we have unlimited control and that time and change are linear, foreseeable processes. ESII seeks to combat these processes of thought.

ESII approaches facilitation from an adaptive approach that empowers participants to guide and deepen the collaborative work. ESII uses science fiction to strengthen our imaginations and capacity to think beyond the limitations of our socialization. We challenge participants to see beyond competition, binaries and linear, short-term outcomes in order to ______. Learn more about Emergent Strategy Ideation Institute.

Later Event: August 16
3rd Friday Durham!